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  What are the Going Global Country Career Guides? [ top ]

Going Global Country Career Guides are the ultimate international job seeker’s guide! Packed with country-specific information, this massive research tool contains more than 80,000 resources for finding international employment at home and abroad. Each guide has been developed by a local career specialist and is updated annually. Recommended web sites and detailed resource descriptions are included for such vital employment topics as:

  • Job search resources: general and specialized job sites, job fairs, newspapers, government-sponsored employment offices, headhunters/recruiters, internship programs and temporary staffing agencies
  • Employment outlook and key industry trends
  • Industry-specific trade and professional organization information and links: issues of special concern for foreign professionals, education requirements, trade associations, and industry web sites
  • Top company profiles
  • Business resources: trade councils, chambers of commerce, professional and social networking organizations, online telephone directories and business publications
  • Work permit and visa regulations
  • Finance and compensation information: taxes, cost of living, medical insurance, vacation/leave, etc.
  • Resume/CV writing guidelines and examples
  • Interview advice
  • Cultural advice


Argentina Finland Japan Saudi Arabia
Australia France Korea Singapore
Austria Germany Mexico South Africa
Belgium Guatemala Netherlands Spain
Brazil Hong Kong Nicaragua Sweden
Canada India Norway Switzerland
China Ireland Panama UAE
Costa Rica Israel Peru United Kingdom
Denmark Italy Russia United States
  What are the USA & Canada City Career Guides?[ top ]
Going Global USA & Canada City Career Guides fast-track finding employment opportunities within the largest and most dynamic metropolitan areas in North America. Each City Career Guide contains recommended web sites, professional resources and reliable statistics for:
  • Job search resources, including local branches of staffing agencies and executive recruitment firms, career fairs, newspapers, and government-sponsored employment offices
  • State and metro listings for companies which have applied for H-1B visas
  • Top company listings with full business descriptions and complete contact information
  • Local employment outlook and key industry sectors
  • Business resources, including Chambers of Commerce, and other professional and networking organizations
  • Cost of living information
  • Work permit and visa regulations
  • Resume writing guidelines and samples
  • Interviewing and cultural advice
  • Nonprofit and volunteer opportunities
Atlanta Cleveland Los Angeles Raleigh-Durham
Albuquerque Columbus Memphis Richmond
Austin Dallas-Ft. Worth Miami Rochester
Baltimore Denver Milwaukee Salt Lake City
Baton Rouge Detroit Minneapolis-St. Paul San Antonio
Birmingham Greenville Nashville San Diego
Boston Hartford New York San Francisco
Buffalo Houston Orlando San Jose
Charlotte Indianapolis Philadelphia Seattle
Chicago Jacksonville Phoenix St. Louis
Cincinnati Kansas City Portland Washington DC


Calgary Edmonton Montreal Ottawa
Toronto  Vancouver    
  How does Going Global select the cities and countries that are covered by the Country Career Guide, USA & Canada City Career Guide collections? [ top ]
Going Global selects locations based upon customer feedback, observations of emerging markets, population trends and the stability and robustness of the local employment market.
  Are the resume and CV advice and example customized for each country? [ top ]
Resume/CV advice and examples are customized for each location. This information is provided by an ”in-country” career expert with detailed instructions on appropriate content and format.
  What type of H1B visa information does Going Global provide?[ top ]
The USA City Career Guides provide details on companies that have applied for H1-B visas in each of the 43 metro areas, plus for all 50 states. The H1B Plus database provides more extensive search capabilities for all 400,000 U.S. Department Of Labor records. (Note that this collection is only included in certain subscription plans.)
  What is the source of Going Global’s H-1B visa information?[ top ]
Going Global’s H1B information is gathered directly from Department of Labor (DOL) records, which is the government agency responsible for all H1B submissions. Every quarter, DOL makes available a listing of all companies who have submitted H1B visa applications for the most recent 3 months for which records are available. Going Global's H1B Plus database contains the most recent 12-month period of records available.
  What is H1B Plus? [ top ]
The H1B Plus database, custom-designed by Going Global, contains all 400,000 DOL records of companies that applied for H1B visas in the prior year. H1B Plus allows for searches based on industry, occupation, job title, company name, location and wage. (Note that this collection is only included in certain subscription plans.)
  What is the Global Key Employer Directory? [ top ]
The Global Key Employer Directory provides corporate details for 196 countries including sales, revenue, brands, officers, industries, web sites, contact information, and more. These listings are a mixture of "local" and "multinational" employers based in each country.
  What is the source for the Global Key Employer Directory listings and how often are the profiles updated? [ top ]
Going Global licenses information for the Key Employer Directory from internationally recognized business sources such as Thomson Gale, among others. An entirely new data set is uploaded approximately every 120 days to Going Global’s servers.
  What are the Top Company Profiles? [ top ]
Top Company Profiles are provided for each Country and City Career Guide location and also can be accessed from the Employment Overview and Industry Trends sections.
  Are the NAICS codes applied to industries in other countries outside of North America?[ top ]
NAICS codes enable businesses in Canada, the USA and Mexico to commonly classify jobs and industry areas. The codes may not be identically adopted by other world regions but they are an international standard that can be compared to other systems from around the world.
  How many worldwide job and internship listings are posted in the Going Global and USA database; how often are the postings updated?[ top ]
The entire collection of job and internship listings exceeds 16,000,000 openings. The job and internship database is updated every 24 hours by pulling all listings “from scratch” each day directly from the original corporate website. Additional job resources, recommended by Going Global’s team of local career experts, provide leads to other employment and internship opportunities by country.
  Does Going Global have agreements with employers to post their job openings?[ top ]
Going Global uses a job search “spider” technology that automatically pulls each and every job listing from selected corporate websites. The jobs and internships posted in our database are verbatim listings taken directly from a company’s site. Going Global has no interaction with these companies, we have not solicited their participation, nor do we charge or receive any compensation for posting these opportunities.
  How do I search for job and internship opportunities?[ top ]
Click on the Jobs/Internships link on the main page to go to the search form. Follow the steps on the search forms to select the cities and/or countries of interest and add keywords to your search.
  What countries are included in Going Global’s job and internship search?[ top ]
You can search for jobs and internships for any of the countries listed below. Country names with an * indicate that a career guide is also available.

Argentina* Mexico*
Australia* Netherlands*
Austria* New Zealand
Bahrain Norway*
Belgium* Oman
Brazil* Pakistan
Canada* Peru*
Chile Philippines
China* Poland
Colombia Portugal
Czech Republic Qatar
Denmark* Romania
Finland* Russia*
France* Saudi Arabia
Germany* Singapore*
Greece South Africa*
Hong Kong* South Korea*
Hungary Spain*
India* Sweden*
Indonesia Switzerland*
Ireland* Taiwan
Israel Thailand*
Italy* Turkey*
Japan* UAE*
Kuwait United Kingdom*
Luxembourg United States*
Malaysia Vietnam

Going Global Career Guides are also available for the following countries which include recommended country-specific job search sites and industry information:

Costa Rica*

  What special features does the Going Global jobs and internship database offer?[ top ]

Going Global jobs and internship opportunities can be searched both in English and the local language. A job search agent is also available to send automatic alerts regarding new opportunities that enter the system that meet the job seekers requirements.
  What is the best way to identify job/internship opportunities available to non-US citizens?[ top ]
The best way to identify job/internship opportunities available to non-US citizens is to add the following keywords and combinations to the search parameters: “non-US H-1B sponsor” AND “H-1B sponsorship” AND “visa.” When adding this combination to other keyword terms (e.g., banking, engineer, marketing, etc.) the database will focus on opportunity announcements that specifically list non-US applicants. In many cases, employers may be open to considering non-US citizens for a position, although that is not stated in the job advertisement. In other cases, users will find that the search results include listings that clearly state that a company is *not* seeking to employ people who do not hold US employment authorization. Cross referencing the H-1B employer listings in the H1B Plus and/or the USA City Career Guide H1B dataset can also help to refine the search.
  How do I know when the application deadline is for a particular job? Do the jobs drop off the system once the deadline has passed? [ top ]
Application deadlines are generally noted within the specific job announcement. Active job openings are included by default in the search results. Results can be narrowed by using the time options (e.g., only list openings posted in the last 2-3 days or during the past week). Since all postings are downloaded from scratch on a daily basis from company websites, the listings will generally cease to be available once they have been filled or their deadlines have past.
  Does Going Global track the numbers of placements that customers are able to secure using the jobs/internships search tools? [ top ]
Because Going Global is a content provider and not a job service or placement firm, we do not track such data. It is also our belief that acquiring a job requires a great deal of personal initiative that is primarily dependent on the individual job seeker, and in no way reflects on the depth and quality of Going Global information.
  Where can I find the latest newsletter from Going Global? [ top ]
Go to http://www.goinglobal.com/newsletter/currentnews.htm. This link always points the latest edition of the newsletter. 
  Does Going Global have a Facebook page?[ top ]
Yes! You can find the Going Global page at http://www.facebook.com/goinglobal. Our updates include a variety of topics about living and working overseas, planning for international careers, internships and finding new ways to develop a global career path.
  Does Going Global have a Twitter account?[ top ]
Going Global has a Twitter account at http://twitter.com/goinglobal. Follow our updates for tips and links to resources about living and working overseas, internships and international travel.
  Does Going Global have a group on LinkedIn?[ top ]
Our group is "GoinGlobal" and you can find it in the LinkedIn directory or by going to http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1953626 and link to the GoinGlobal group page. Connect with other professionals from around the globe and join the conversations about international education, careers and overseas experiences.
  Does Going Global have a blog?[ top ]
The blog can be found at http://blog.goinglobal.com. Updated each week, our blog includes information about traveling internationally, and tips for planning careers at home and overseas.
  What is the difference between Going Global and the "Going Global" product offered by Prospects Ltd in the UK?[ top ]
The Prospects document was compiled as a general reference guide for career advisors in the UK and for people who work with international students and made available through AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services). The Prospect’s product is gathered by UK-based researchers and from existing online resources. Going Global’s information is written by local, in-country career experts and is updated annually.
  How can organizations promote Going Global?
[ top ]
PR documents and specific recommendations for promoting Going Global are provided from a direct link on the platform home page. Going Global invites your ideas for PR activities that have been successful with your organization.
  How do I create a personal account?[ top ]
You can set up a personal account by establishing a user name and password. Click on Create Personal Account, in the upper right-hand corner of any page to be guided through the straightforward steps. You will receive an email with a login and password. Setting up a personal account allows you to bookmark and add notes to pages, among other features. For security purposes, personal accounts must be re-established every six months/180 days.
  How do I browse the Going Global/USA Career Guides?[ top ]
Clicking on the Country City guides link on the Main Page brings you to the full list of the collection, sorted alphabetically by country. Clicking on a country city name opens the Guide for that country. The Topic Overview for each Guide (accessed in the left-hand menu or by scrolling down the page) includes the topics covered in each section. For example, click on “Employment Trends and Opportunities,” and then “Information Technology” to be taken to that topic and sub topic.
  How do I search the Going Global/USA Career Guides?[ top ]
From the Country City guide page, you can enter search words into the Guide Search box. It is important to be as specific as possible! Then select the desired country for the search. The results are listed, including topic and sub topics, allowing you to quickly determine which results are of most interest. When you are working within the Guide, you can conduct a search to find the pages containing the specified word or reference by selecting the Quick Search box in the right-hand side of the page, and inputting the search criteria into the box. Again, results are listed, including topic and sub topics.
  How do I Bookmark and Create Notes?[ top ]
Once you have created a personal account, you can personalize access to the resources and content by creating Bookmarks. Bookmarks are created by clicking on Add to my Links in the right-hand Shortcuts menu. Rather than having to search through the entire content when returning to the site, simply click on the Sign into Personal Account link to access a list of all bookmarked pages.
  How do I Print a page?[ top ]
You can print any of the pages within the collection, one at a time, using the Print Page button on the bottom right hand side of every page. This opens a “clean” printable page. Use the print button on your browser to print the page.
  How do I set up a Default Page?[ top ]
You can also set any page as your default page by clicking on Set as Default Page at the bottom of a page, after logging in with your Personal Account. When you next log in, you are taken directly to that page.
  How do I contact Going Global?[ top ]
For technical questions or inquires please contact: customersupport@goinglobal.com