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Country Career Guides
Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad.
USA/Canada City Career Guides
Explore career and employment opportunities in the largest cities across North America! Resources include: business and networking groups, job search resources, cost of living data and more. H-1B employer listings are included in each City Guide, as well as a state-by-state roster.
Job Postings and Internship Listings
Search for job openings and internship opportunities in countries around the world. Listings are updated daily!
New and expanded search tools!
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H-1B Info
H1B employer petitions from the US Department of Labor can be viewed by location in the USA/Canada City Career Guide collection. The H1B Plus database allows for additional searches by job title, occupation, employer, wage and other fields. (special subscription required)
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Key Employer Directory
Access more than 400,000+ country-specific company profiles in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, consumer goods, consulting services, finance and technology.
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